Race for the Cure

I drove 200 miles roundtrip to walk 5K. I drove to Birmingham, AL, at the crack of dawn to take part in the Komen North Central Alabama Race for the Cure. I raised $500. I would have to check to see how much was from me! When I went to leave at 5:30 am or so, Belvedere hopped in the car. I think he misses obedience class.

I believe I had my worst time ever for a 5K, somewhere around an hour, but there were thousands of people around me, and I was not in the timed race. I was not last. I have a sinus infection, and I feel really tired now. There was a sea of pink everywhere I looked. The fountain in Linn Park had pink water. Photos from my cell phone. Oh yeah, there was a light rain the whole race, and the sponsor tent area was a sea of mud. I bought a poncho and wore it the whole time.





4 thoughts on “Race for the Cure

  1. I got my card today. Thank you for walking/supporting/and raising money for such a wonderful cause. My mom had a double mastectomy and reconstruction several years ago. Thankfully, she’s not had any recurring problems. I hope to be able to participate when the kids get a little older.

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