Belvedere at the Vet

Belvedere has a swollen knot on his elbow. We imagined all kinds of awful things from research on the Internet and the /Merck Veterinary Manual/. The vet said it was a hygroma, an inflamed bursa at the elbow, and mainly cosmetic. He loves to sleep on hard, cool surfaces, rather than his soft bed. Belv also weighs around 125-wasn’t very still on the scale-no lump is slowing him down any. He loves visiting with other people at the vet, and scaring smaller dogs. By the time I got in the door at the vet’s following his mad dash to the door, he was licking the face of a woman at the counter, who knew immediately that he was a short-haired Saint pup, and why I had a towel over my shoulder for drool.

Work contnues on the Faery Ring sleeve. I am almost to the shaping at the top, but it keeps raining here whenever I want to take its photo.

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