Sewing, or I forgot to take a WIP photo

The batteries are getting low in the camera. I sewed Belvedere another collar bandana today. He has almost outgrown his first collar. Also, he was a lot more interested in playing with other dogs and sniffing everything than posing for photos. Punkin stole his magnolia cone, then Peanut jumped Punkin and when Belvedere went to Punkin's defense Peanut tried to go after Belv. The Nut is about 50 pounds, and B is WAY taller than her.




I was in the Gamecock Gallop at Jacksonville State University this morning. I actually ran part of it and got far and above my best time for any 5K, which is still slow, LOL. It was cold (in the 50s) and misted a little, so I ended up wearing my race shirt over my short sleeved shirt.


One thought on “Sewing, or I forgot to take a WIP photo

  1. I think that’s the prettiest collar I’ve ever seen 🙂
    You should be proud of yourself! Slow or fast I’ve NEVER done a 5k. I admire you 🙂

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