Some Sock Progress

I got tired of knitting on the 200-odd stitches of stockinette on Faery Ring, and set it aside for while. I picked up my Diagonal Lace second sock. The design is from Wendy Johnson's book. I got two knee sock patterns today. I wonder if I can make knee socks with a 560 yard skein? Anyway, I haz resolved to finish this pair before starting another. What other socks that I have going? This is Sockin' Sox yarn from Plymouth. I think it is a bamboo blend. Speaking of socks, I discovered that I never grafted the toe on the Mini Mochi socks I finished except for one toe, many moons ago. I also wove in the ends of my Genmaicha Mitts from last winter. I discovered that one has a cable that is not exactly like the other one. I remember having trouble with it. I will not show them to the Knitting Police.


Belvedere went to class with DH on Monday night, when DH was giving a test. He reports, "Daddy let me get in the truck. Usually he doesn't let me when I try to get in the truck or Mama's car. Mama put my collar on with my Alabama bandanna and I got so excited, 'cause I knew I was going somewhere. We went to this big place called Jacksonville State University, but I didn't get to run around in the big grassy yard, we went in a building. We got in this box that Daddy called an elevator and we went up and down to see people and go in people's classes when they were teaching. I got petted and I even scared some students. Nobody seemed to have any snacks, though. Daddy gave me water in my neat travel bowl. He says I went to sleep and snored. When we left for home, Daddy wanted to go down the stairs. I got tired halfway down and stopped to rest. Daddy wanted to keep going and pulled my collar off over my head with the leash, and had to put it back on. Then we came home and I went to sleep until Mama came home and woke me and Daddy up."


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