Miscellaneous Stuff

I finished a water bottle cozy. I made one for a smaller bottle, out of sock yarn, months ago, but quit working on i-cord for strap with 2.25mm needles because it was driving me crazy. Now I am doing well with doubled sock yarn on size 7 needles.

 Bottle cozy
Various colors of leftover Dream in Color Classy yarn

Oh yeah, look at the Christmas Cactus




He looks so sweet and cute when asleep. I caught him dancing around with a BIG ball of yarn in his mouth. He did not eat any yarn. The bottle cozy has been washed and is drying on the bottle.

UPS brought me a new t-shirt. I had to have it because I often cook with a big dog underfoot. It reads, "If you can't cook with the Big Dogs, get out of the kitchen." The big dog is in the center of the kitchen floor.Cook

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Your water bottle cozy turned out great! And that Christmas cactus is blooming like crazy! Do you do anything special to it? I think mine is confused because I don’t put it in the closet or any of those things that are supposed to help it to bloom.

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