Yarn and Yarn

I got new sock yarn. It is Jessi's fault, as I saw some Christmas colored sock yarn on her blog from Gypsyknits. I wanted some of the Gingerbread House. She dyed some 3 ply Sock It for me! It's wonderful. No clue what pattern I will use, or when I will get to it.




More yarn stuff.Note to self, if you hear great big paws dancing around while you are  reading e-mail, get up and check on the 4-footed baby immediately.

The remaining section in the ball, in the back,  is what I got out of Belvedere's mouth. The rest was dragging all over the floor and the bottle cozy (now washed) was on the floor. He did not swallow any. This is burgundy Colrain wool/tencel from Webs.


4 thoughts on “Yarn and Yarn

  1. What fun colors! I look forward to seeing what you do with that new yarn.
    Tell Belvedere that if he wants to play with the yarn he needs to take up knitting. 🙂

  2. Yikes! I’m glad Belvedere didn’t swallow any yarn. But your poor yarn!
    When I saw your new yarn, I instantly thought “Christmas!” Very cheery.

  3. Oh, pretty colors – but variegated can be SUCH a challenge to knit.
    Hee hee – I have to listen for May’s little paws if there’s yarn anywhere about…

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