Buck 1, Accord 1

I think they tied, because the damage was not that bad. Don't know how the deer fared, but DH said the impact gave the buck a headache. I was driving home Sunday, around 11:15 p.m., coming into Piedmont, AL minding my own business, when the stupid buck ran into my car. There has been a humongous harvest/hunters moon for the past few days. I saw the deer when he was almost on the car, and slammed on the brakes reflexively. He hit the door frame, and folded the mirror in. I looked him in the eye. Once I calmed down enough to push the mirror back out, the remote settings worked. I was going the speed limit, 50. DH said I would have missed the deer if I had sped up.  It is irritating when I forget the car door catches on the dented area. The Accord has a week-long stay at the body shop starting Monday, as there is some damage to almost every section of the driver's side. There is also a dent in the back panel near the door and wheel well. (The hood and windshield have clay on them where a pickup, attempting to go up a hill on the shoulder of the road after 2-3 inches of rain, slung mud all over the passing Accord.)





6 thoughts on “Buck 1, Accord 1

  1. One of our neighbors had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago. Ran smack into the driver’s side and almost scared him to death.
    Glad you’re okay and that the car can be fixed.

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