Belvedere’s Bad Day

DH reported that Belvedere was sleeping in the den and knocked a floor lamp over on himself, which scared him, then a stack of DVDs near the TV landed on him as well. He tore off into the living room, managing to wad up two rugs into a corner, knocking the coffee table three feet and knocking a glass bowl onto the floor. Belv also managed to get glue mouse traps caught on his hind foot and tail, causing him to run down the hall while trying to shake them off. DH found the poor baby hiding in a back bedroom, shaking, by following the path of destruction through the house. Belv was bouncy by the time I got home, aggravated all the other dogs, and ran in the house with me. DH drove up seconds later, and Belv dashed right outside again to greet him. He slept much of the rest of the evening.


6 thoughts on “Belvedere’s Bad Day

  1. I wish I could have video taped the entire incident. Belvedere would have won the big bucks on America’s Funniest Home Videos…………….

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