Actual Knitting

Look, actual photos of knitting. Unusual, having light for photos, since I am off from work. These are based on the Sock Yarn Mini Warmers, in leftover Mini Mochi yarn, with the addition of ribbing at top and bottom. I think the rosemary plant did a good job modeling and as backdrop. No, I have not woven in the ends. I did not show the burns that result from overheating pre-made cookie icing to soften it. (The red icing spurted all over me, my white shirt and the counter. It came out of everything. It looked as if there was a crime scene in the kitchen before I cleaned it up, though. Maybe Wilton should have a warning label-they probably do already. Note to self, the microwave has lots of watts.)




I did not get any burns today, but I do have food coloring on my finger, that can barely be seen above. I have enough royal icing left, made with Wilton meringue powder, for two more batches of gingerbread.




decorating palette

I made peppermint meringues with egg whites-I started to use the meringue powder. They are still drying in the oven. I crushed the candy canes with a hammer while DH vacuumed-Belv was outside.
 I am leaving to walk off cookies now.


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