Deer Frinds and Family

 Mama and Daddy say they
have not come up with anything interesting or clever for the Christmas
newsletter this year.  I would guess that
getting me, Belvedere, was the highlight of 2009.


I have lived here with Mama and Daddy and Grandpa since May.
I came from Mohawk, Tennessee,
so I have always been a country dog. My dog mom is a show girl, uh, show dog. My
dog dad weighs 185 pounds or so. I came from Talberg Saint Bernards, and my
whole name is Talberg’s Friendly Belvedere. My life is interesting, unlike some
people around here. I stay in the house a lot during the day, and sleep outside
at night. I get to play with Punkin and the other dogs.


Daddy and I like to rassle. He lets me in the house in the
mornings, long before Mama gets up, and we play or he pets me. Then I eat my
breakfast with goat juice on it. (powdered kid milk replacer) Sometimes I get
plain yogurt on my food. Anyway, I eat breakfast or not, then I curl up on my
bed, or collapse behind the chair in the corner, now that I have moved the
chair and lamp outta the way. Or, I flop down in front of the front door, in
the foy-ay, Mama says.


Daddy says I am a rescue, since he saved me from the Tennessee fans that live
where I was born, near Noxville. Daddy thinks he is funny, but I love him and
he can say anything as long as he scratches me at the base of my tail. Another
thing Daddy says is that I leave white fur all over. He likes to Furminate me.
I try to catch and eat floating blobs of hair cause it’s fun to chase. When he
turns on that evil Dirt Devil, I have to run get in the bed with Grandpa or go


Mama and I went to PetsMart for classes – boy that wore me
out. They kept waking me up and telling me to do stuff. They have nice cool
floors and lots of treats. We went back to PetsMart to see Santa. I thought the
other dogs and people petting me were more interesting, so I looked around for
them. Mama says next year’s photo will be in focus, whatever that means.

Happy Holidays!


3 thoughts on “Deer Frinds and Family

  1. Merry Christmas Belvedere! I’m glad you found your new home with your caring Mom & Dad. I still won’t forget the 2 Muffins that came before you though. Be good and do well at those classes. They will pay off in the long run.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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