Winter Walks

Since I still have about an inch of ribbing done on my iPod touch sockie, I will post some cell phone photos of sojourns in the pasture with dogs. It is rare that Belvedere is along, since he likes to run into me, bite me and splash me with muddy water in the low spots. I also stepped on a few toes-they need to keep them out of my way. Belv did not notice the pond, thankfully, as it was cold for Alabama today. This is a common view on my walks: the back ends of dogs.


This is the sky the day before yesterday, near sunset. Wintersky 

Belvedere is snoring, as he has had an eventful day, starting with a vet visit for his broken toenail. He weighed 150. He protected me from the AC/heat repairmen, by "woofing" so loud when they tried to talk to me that I could not hear them. Then he went for a walk in the pasture. Whew!


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