Baby It’s Cold Outside

So it is bitterly cold here, for the South. Belvedere romped around in the snow, then slowed down after we both slipped on ice in the driveway. He wanted right back in. Belv is snoring on the floor at the moment, after a bowl of food. We have snow on the magnolias.

DH wants me to tell everyone that he and Belv were both born in years that the University of Alabama won National Championships. Doesn't the pup look impressed? DH kept disturbing Belv's sleep with comments or clapping during the game last night. We did not want to put his collar on with UA bandanna, as he gets too excited, thinking he is going in the car.








The view from my office at Jacksonville State yesterday


4 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!! Offspring got to go to the game and I am so excited for her. The view from your office is so lovely. I’m sure I’ve told you that before. Hope you and Belv are ok after your run in with the ice.

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