Finished with Podster Gloves, Etc.

I have finished the Podster Gloves. I had a tiny bit of yarn left over from the amount that used to be socks. Still have a good bit left from the original yarn. I used the Podster thumb flap on both thumbs. I have made mittens and gloves before, but this is the first pair of mitts with a flap for me. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman. The color is a little darker without the flash, but it is gray and rainy here. I started these January 1. The third photo looks as if Belvedere slobbered on one. Time for their bath, I guess.





In other news, DH went to the doctor the other day after two weeks of coughing and fever. He had bronchitis. I was at St. Vincents that day for FIL's dr. appt. She wanted to admit him to St. Vincents hospital as she thought he was developing pneumonia. Anyway, he is home as his children thought he would do better here. They both are on Avelox, and both are doing better. I started feeling bad the day I made the trip to Birmingham, and I saw the dr. on Friday. I have Amoxicillin for sinusitis.

At least we felt better last night when my FIL overflowed the toilet-it stuck and would not stop running. We used all the towels in his bathroom for that. I used most of our beach towel collection for the two inches of water in the basement. The flood came *this* close to my beloved Bernina-water fell on top of the cabinet. Most of my sewing supplies were in Rubbermaid bins, but were out in the middle of the floor since the heat pump repairmen had been in the basement. We immediately moved the sewing machine cabinet to the opposite side of the basement, far from the bathroom floor. I don't know why I did not think of that earlier-duh.

Back to the heat pump-we had no central heat a couple of weeks ago during the coldest weather in a long time. There were heavy duty outlets in the kitchen and FILs bedroom for space heaters, so we got by OK. Belvedere constantly barked at the heat/AC people whenever they were here. 

Belv can move fast when he wants to. Loud noises bring him out of a deep sleep, headed for the door in seconds. This morning, his "grandpa" knocked over some pill bottles, which hit the floor with a great clatter. I saw the pill bottles falling and grabbed the dog to comfort him, before I tried to grab for the bottles.


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