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I have felt like I did not have the energy to knit lately, due to the sinus infection that I seem to have had all year. I finally got out the second Diagonal Lace sock and figured out where I was, and redid the heel. It looks ok this time. I am about halfway done with the leg. I worked some on Faery Ring, and the Concetta cardigan.

I also took some photos last week(?) when I was leaving, The clouds behind the mountain looked so neat. I had to go back and get the key to get on the balcony for shots from the east side of the library.



DH said he did not know what was going on because I had not blogged for so long. I said it was because SOMEONE was playing computer games whenever I thought about blogging. The hard drive on my laptop died. It has, well, HAD photo editing software I need to get pics ready for blogging. The net-book does too, but I like to see what I am doing better. (Also the reason I had to lay out the Master Gardener newsletter on the bigger monitor, ya know) Dell sent a technician to replace the fan a couple weeks ago, but the laptop kept freezing up, then the hard drive failed. (I discovered that I had about three backups of the machine embroidery files which were on the 32 bit Vista laptop.) Also, I had backed up the hard drive before the Dell tech worked on the laptop. I was supposed to replace the hard drive myself. After the sinus pain subsided, and I read the directions, I thought it looked pretty easy. Then I couldn't get the itty bitty screws out. After trying even more screwdrivers than I tried to strip the minuscule screw on the Honda remote, I had gotten one out. The next day, I got two more out. Then DH and I stripped out the Phillips head on the one remaining screw, which is recessed down into the case. Since I was not up for glue or liquid weld stuff, or Dremels, I ended up taking it to a computer repair person. Since I had to go to Jacksonville, we decided to take Belvedere to visit a coworker of mine at the library. First, we drove around and around a residential area for a while, finally having to have the guy come outside. We were "lost" in front of his place. Hope I can find my way back to get my laptop, LOL. After an inadvertent tour of the area behind JSU, we made it to the library. Belvedere "woofed" at people who were not paying enough attention to him, and helped Tiffany out with her diet by eating her donut. He had his photo taken several times.

4 thoughts on “Actual Blog Post

  1. Beautiful cloud pictures!
    So many people are having problems with their sinuses this winter. Hope your sinuses and your laptop are feeling better soon.

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