A Little Knitting and a Lot of Snow

(Warning: photo heavy.) OK, I am making up for not blogging and not posting puppy photos.  I have not worked on my 2008 Fawkes (they are in Ravelry) socks for Ravelympics, but I started Multnomah and worked on my very pink Concetta cardigan. I got to watch the entire Olympics opening ceremony because DH is at the hospital with his father in Birmingham for FIL's congestive heart failure. I hear a lot about Lasix and its effects. I checked low-sodium cookbooks and American Heart Association cookbooks out. DH says he is going stir crazy in the hospital and they need to get out soon. Anyway, Belvedere will be glad to see his Daddy. 

Multnomah in Malabrigo Caribeno (imagine there is a tilde over the n, and the e in tilde, LOL) in the snow



Eating snow is the best




Daffodils are tough

Only two more of the boys are around



the fig tree


Anyone for a swing?


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