Spring is Coming

The promise of spring is here, even though it snowed the other day, Tuesday, That is the day my father-in-law, John Lloyd Ellis, Sr., passed away at home after a long battle with heart disease and arthritis and other problems. He loved attending funerals as social events (much to his childrens' chagrin :)) and would have talked to everybody yesterday. It was a beautiful day, after a winter of gray days, and there was a great turnout, and several people at the funeral, including the preacher, several friends, and DH, said John would have enjoyed the event immensely. My FIL never met a stranger and had friends all over the world, many of whom made a special trip for the funeral.

Belvedere still looks for him-often Belv would run to the back of the house and jump up on "Grandpa's" bed and lick his face, making him laugh.

The first daffodil will soon have company


Belvedere loves the sunshine, though he alternates with finding shade. An almost dignified portrait.


I have more done on the Multnomah shawlette in Malabrigo sock in Caribeno. It has been nice to have a simple project to work on, but I have almost reached the point where the Feather and Fan stitch begins.



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