Faery Ring is Progressing

I did not want to take it with me on vacation, as I did not want to take a chance on losing it in checked luggage, and I needed a simpler project, Multnomah. I worked on Faery Ring (Ravelry link) instead of my Ravelympics sock. so it remains a little past the heel, but it the Fawkes sock a little tight at the heel. Hmm. Anyway, Faery Ring is in Webs' Northampton Wool with a little Saint Bernard hair. The Ocean Heather color is a little greener and less blue than shown here. I am right at the point where armhole shaping starts.




Belvedere refused to pose with the daffodils because the sticks on the ground were more interesting.


This is Ursula, our new stray. If she isn't a full-blooded Shepherd, she is mostly, we think.



3 thoughts on “Faery Ring is Progressing

  1. Pretty – love the color!
    Wasn’t there an Ursula in George of the Jungle (now have the theme song in my head!) – maybe you need a George to go with Ursula ;o)

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