Flowers, Puppy and Me

I finally got a photo of me and Belvedere together. DH took a few, then the camera battery died. He is 13 months old. Don't know what he weighs. He will get "tutored" soon, so he will get weighed again. Last time we took he and Ursula, the German Shepherd mix,  to the vet together. They were trying to weigh Ursula when Belv just stepped on the scale, pushing her aside.


The weather has been great since the storms of the weekend. The tornado damage was north of us. I went for a walk and completed Week 3, Day 3 of Couch to 5K. My Nike+ refused to cooperate, so I don't know exactly how far I went, but other walks have been about 2.25 miles.

Then I weeded some around the snow/sugar snap peas. See, I planted snow peas. After a couple weeks of nothing, I planted sugar snap peas. Now I think both are coming up. DH tilled weeds under in the garden. When the tiller was far enough away, Belvedere came up and snarfled my head and the back of my neck and slobbered on me. I had to grab his collar once to keep from being knocked over. When DH got close with the tiller, Belv ran away. He does not like the vacuum cleaner, mower, tiller, or other noisy things. We have never attempted to blow dry him after a bath.

Sprout has one and a half sleeves. I got another skein of Pima Silk in the mail today. I may not need it, but I have it just in case. I also got some bright blue Cascade Cotton Club yarn, both from Webs.

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