Lettuce Knit

Hee hee, I get tired of coming up with boring blog titles. Anyway, there is romaine in my office Aerogarden. I need to cut it.       This is a little three-pod Aerogarden. One of the pods did well. The others have no plants, and one has a tiny, really overshadowed plant. I need… Continue reading Lettuce Knit

One Mini Mochi Mitt

One mitt is done from leftover sock yarn with the Hands Up! pattern. (It's in Ravelry) My socks from Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn felt so good that I decided to make fingerless mitts. The first attempt was too small, so here is a larger version with 52 stitches. I finished the thumb today.  

Sea Glass Yarn

This is the Sophie's Toes sock yarn that I acquired at Emily Parsons' last shop update. It is Sea Glass colorway and has cashmere in it. I think this is destined to be a shawlette and not socks.