Belvedere Goes to the Library and other topics

I took Belvedere to see Tiffany at the library on Saturday. He loves her because she feeds him. He barked and barked at the librarian on duty. She is a perfectly nice person, so I was a bit embarrassed.Belvedere mainly laid on the cool tile floor and intimidated people. He came down the stairs from the parking lot, but refused to go up them. DH said it was Belvedere's boring day, and he had much more fun at the feed store today. (Don't think they tried to sell DH pony food.)



In knitting news, I finished one socklet (link to pdf) for flip flops. Another leftover sock yarn project.

Most of the tomato plants are in the garden


This Better Boy is blooming

This is fruit on the heirloom tomato freed from the constraints of the Aerogarden

The snow peas or sugar snap peas are blooming. Not quite sure which one it is.

3 thoughts on “Belvedere Goes to the Library and other topics

  1. Belvedere sure has grown into a gorgeous cuddley looking puppy! I just want to get down on the floor with him and snuggle up for a nap. Will have to check out the socklet PDF. I have tons of leftover sock yarn to use up and since it’s flip flop season these would be perfect!

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