Finally Finished Objects

I actually finished the Mini Mochi Mitts several days ago, but just got around to posing them in the rosemary. This is the prostrate (creeping) rosemary that I have actually kept alive for almost a year. Hands Up! mitts from yarn left over from socks. Pattern is also on Ravelry.


I finished a sock yarn square! That makes five in two years. I do have afghan panels for DH's flag blankie that have been in progress longer. It is posing in the upright rosemary that has gone crazy with the warmer weather.
I think this is Apple Laine Apple Butter yarn in Party Time, leftover from my Jaywalkers.


3 thoughts on “Finally Finished Objects

  1. Great projects! At first I thought both were knit in the same yarn. But after you said something I noticed the blue in the second yarn.

  2. The mitts look great. I love that the sock square is the fifth…in two years. I don’t feel so bad about my progress on some things now. lol.

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