Lettuce Knit

Hee hee, I get tired of coming up with boring blog titles. Anyway, there is romaine in my office Aerogarden. I need to cut it.



This is a little three-pod Aerogarden. One of the pods did well. The others have no plants, and one has a tiny, really overshadowed plant. I need a new bulb, but they are out of stock online, the only place I can find Aerogarden stuff. The 7-pod Aerogarden at home has two pods with romaine, and 4 with no plants and one tiny plant What is going on with my seeds? The two at home are doing OK, with 2 of its 3 lights and an Ott-lite floor lamp. The new hood for the Aerogarden with three lights has been on order for a couple months. I am not really happy.

I started the Diamonds Modular Scarf (Ravelry link) with leftover sock yarn leftover from my sock yarn squares. I am not really sure about it. Sock yarn is nicely drape-y on size 6 needles.



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