Yarn and Garden

Hee, hee, instead of yard and garden, whatever. I have yarn and I have snowpeas. Diverse interests, hmmm. I got an Emily Parson Summer Magic Ball, made from Sophie's Toes sock yarn, that I plan to use for the Diamonds Modular Scarf. So much for using leftover sock yarn leftover from my Sock Yarn Squares.



I finished another sock yarn square, and almost got another one done at knitting group on Saturday.


I have tomatoes in the garden, tomatoes in a container on the patio, and I could not resist a Topsy Turvey planter. The patio hybrid tomatoes are growing upwards.


Another snow pea harvest. There were some sugar snap peas, but they got eated.


2 thoughts on “Yarn and Garden

  1. The colors look *very* summery! Yummy looking peas, too. I finally succumbed to one of those planters and put a Sweet 100 tomato in it – now I just need to find a decent place to hang it

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