Tea Party Mitts Time

I could not resist getting  mitt blockers when I found them somehow on the Web. After two attempts at socks with Knit Picks Stroll handpaint Tea Party sock yarn, I decided it wanted to be mitts. (So I could have something to pose on the blockers.) The pattern? Glorious Cabled Mitts



I kept meaning to take blog photos, as the rain clouds gathered. I took my Nikon D50 DSLR outside, only to see an error message indicating a dead battery. I moved the yarn and blocker out of harm's way, and went to get the D200, from a cold room. The lens filter fogged up, then the lens. I ran back inside. leaving the yarn and knitting and blocker on the rock, and got the little Nikon point and shoot L4 out of my knitting back. It was clouding up, and I had to stop the flash from going off because the camera thinks I can't hand hold it  Then the camera tells me my photos are blurred. Why don't my big Nikons tell me that? They have let me take some bad photos.

Anyway, here is a hydrangea that is maybe a little soft focus. I was in a hurry because of the approaching rain. I saw Belvedere gazing up at the sky a few minutes before the downpour. He was inside by then.


Speaking of gardening and the yard, DH has a whole lot of toys that all operate on rechargeable 18 volt batteries. So when one starts slowing down, he changes the battery. All are Ryobi and chartreuse, which I thought was not a manly color. Chainsaw, blower, (for Belvedere fur on the patio-B. hates to even see the thing, even when it is not
turned on). hedge clipper, and lots of little hand tools.  I say Home Depot and the neighboring PetsMart love to see us come in. We have dog biscuits for 100 pound dogs now.


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