Simple Things, Slowly

I don't have any other projects to blog about, sorry. I have just a few rows left on the Simple Things Shawlette. Ruby Sapphire Luster sock yarn in Kavita, wool/tencel.




Belvedere is still providing a lot of entertainment, such as stomping on a bug on the kitchen floor. I am easily amused. I went to put him outside the other night, and something green hopped up on the wall near the door. I thought it was a grasshopper, and told Belv he could walk by it. It was a green tree frog, and he backed up and refused to go out the door.

The dog walked all the way around from the back door to get to the patio door, as he also refused to walk by the broken recliner. A family friend was visiting, who was here the first day we brought Belvedere home. Belv jumped up on Mr, Ralph's lap in the recliner, and put his front feet on his shoulders, and two bolts holding the back of the chair snapped. Did I tell you that Belvedere weighed 174.5 the other day? The pup was also perturbed by DH bringing in a new chair, and moving furniture around. He does not like change.


2 thoughts on “Simple Things, Slowly

  1. Love the shawl! Poor Belv – Maggie (grey cat) is our change-averse one here. Even *moving* the perch where she eats can be disorienting ;o)

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