Sock and Stuff

I thought I had better take a sock photo before the light was gone. I have a couple more rows to go, then graft the stitches together in the double knit cuff. Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn in Las Vegas Brights. Everyone Outta the Pool pattern. The colors are all darker in real life.



We thought the pineapple plant was about done for, then it bloomed.

I made vanilla frozen yogurt the other day, from a recipe from King Arthur Flour. I used Vanilla Bean Crush. The yogurt was Stonyfield Farm lowfat plain. This recipe was a little tart. It was nice and creamy also, but only made about a pint. I had not used my little Waring frozen dessert maker in a while, and had lost the manual. Waring sent me another one. I made regular yogurt too. I just happen to have a Waring yogurt maker. Somewhere, I have a Waring blender that is older than I am. I was impressed with Waring when I got the manual in e-mail.




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