One Sock, Again

I started these socks for the Summer of Socks 2008. The yarn is Scout's Swag, custom-dyed to match our Joseph's Coat roses. See the photo of the rose on my custom sock blocker? The pattern is Fawkes, from Monkey Toes. The sock is posing in my herb planter in the oregano and basil.


Here is the peach butter that I made last week.



3 thoughts on “One Sock, Again

  1. I can TESTIFY that that peach butter is delicious! Heh-heh-heh. Thank you so much, Paula. Things have been absolutely crazy around here — so much so that I have missed the blog for two days — the first two days in over four years. But I received your package and I thank you. (I am not positive that the email address I have for you is up to date; that’s why I’m writing this in the form of a comment.) The sweet peach butter came at a very perfect time, when I really needed a little bit of sweetness and some pampering. Thank you!

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