Socks and Twittering Birds

OK, they are hummingbirds, but they were all a-twitter about something, probably keeping each other away from the feeders. DH says he saw 7 or so at one time. I know they are backlit, as it was cloudy and thundering, but I  think it looks neat. A little silhouette of a bird.



I have finished the heel on my second Fawkes sock (Ravelry link) in the Scout's Swag Joseph's Coat yarn colorway, custom-dyed by Scout. to match our rose bush's blooms. The Juliette tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy behind the sock quit curving up and  is now trying to reach the patio.



4 thoughts on “Socks and Twittering Birds

  1. Aren’t hummers a hoot? Seems like anything more than 1 = dogfight! They zoom through our deck and can come really close when we’re sitting out there :o)

  2. I think the hummingbird photos are great! And your sock is looking great, too. It’s a very cheerful colorway and pattern.
    My tomatoes are now trying to reach the ground, too. But mine are staked! For some reason yesterday each plant was bent over. I guess they finally all got too tall to stand up (they had outgrown the stakes). I hope my last few tomatoes are still okay.
    Have a great weekend (hopefully with lots of sock knitting!).

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