Lots of Stuff

I finished my One Day Beret–I think it took a couple weeks, but I was distracted by socks. The yarn is Sugar Bunny Blvd sock yarn in October.  I made pulled barbecue chicken and fig preserves in the crock pot (two separate ones, lol) I did not have to tend to either until afternoon, when I had to shred the chicken and finish cooking the preserves and can them. So I was able to knit.

Those are apples behind the beret-I was trying to find something that was fall-like. I need to find a plate or something in the right size to block it.


This is 5 chicken breasts and 2 cups of Sweet Baby Ray raspberry chipotle bbq sauce, cooked for six hours in case anyone wants the recipe. It was delicious on a bun, with corn on the cob on the side.

Fig preserves with ginger and lemon. I got five half pints

Belvedere was frightened after hearing some shots fired by nearby hunters, and he stuck next to me most of the day. Here he is in the middle of the kitchen floor while I was cooking.




The snow peas in the Aerogarden are blooming

It was a beautiful day, and I wandered around the garden picking tomatoes for lunch and did not get hot. The temperature was about 10 degrees lower and the humidity was lower too. It is supposed to be in the 50s tonight.

I got a shipment from Mighty Leaf Tea of 100 Vanilla Bean tea bags-they were on sale. I also got a mug. I did not even notice what it said until DH pointed it out.



4 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff

  1. Poor Belvedere! I would be scared, too!
    And the chicken — did you just toss boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot, and pour the bbq sauce over?

  2. Poor Belvedere – sounds just like our Toby. Any sort of loud noise, he instantly becomes Velcro-Dog!
    Just what I needed – more tea temptation, thanks so much. I just found out that there are several stores in the St. Louis area that carry it ;o)

  3. Lots of stuff is right! Your beret looks wonderful and is done just in time for cooler weather to start. And your food looks so tasty! I’m going to try that chicken recipe. Love the saying on the mug, too. 🙂

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