One Sock Done

I finished the first knee sock with the cable from Faery Ring. When it gets lower than 80 degrees here, I might feel like working on Faery Ring, lol. This is Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in Tide Pool Heather. This is a more realistic photo of the color. It took about 1.5 balls. I… Continue reading One Sock Done

Sock On!

My never-ending knee sock is almost to the ankle. It took me a while to upload photos of it tonight, because I did not know where the camera cable was. I had to set up the camera's Eye-Fi card, then I had to move the laptop closer to the wireless access point to get the… Continue reading Sock On!

Paint it Pink

Hi, just dropping by to post something I thought was interesting. I have been tickled about DH reading a pink sports section. More knitting later. My sock looks pretty much the same, just a bit longer.