A Little Sock Knitting

It didn't seem to me that I was making much progress on this knee sock, but I am almost done with the even calf section, between the increases to the calf and the decreases down to the ankle. This is the Tidepool Heather  Stroll yarn from Knit Picks. The pattern is Mad Mo's Knee Socks, but I decided to forgo the cables on the sock leg-it looked funny stretched out on my leg. The cuff is the same cable as on the Faery Ring cardigan instead of the one in the pattern.



The Topsy Turvy planter is still going strong, though I fear the plant is really rootbound.


The tomatoes in the garden are kinda looking bad, but the ones in a container on the patio are thriving, now that DH fertilized them. I did not like using the organic fertilizer, as the dogs tried to eat it. That's basil in the foreground, trying its best to go to seed. The freezer is full of pesto.


The Early Girl is loaded with green fruit, too.




3 thoughts on “A Little Sock Knitting

  1. Lovely tomatoes! And your sock looks terrific! How do you like that yarn? I was thinking of buying some but haven’t asked anyone how they like it.

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