Walking at Home and Belvedere

Belvedere was really glad to see me when I got home today. He greeted me as soon as I opened the car door. DH said he had been gone most of the day, leaving Belv alone most of the day. We went in the house, deflecting Punkin, who has rolled in something dead and smells terrible. We think  the other dogs think she smells great. It is a little cold to bathe her. She looks so hurt when we won't let her in the house.

Belvedere continued to follow me around in the house, into the bathroom, etc. I sat down in DH's chair and Belv jumped up in my lap and kissed me and slobbered all over my glasses and my face. He followed me to change clothes to do my exercise DVD. I decided to join in Leslie Sansone's
21 Days Before Thanksgiving Challenge. I finally got started on the third day.After Belvedere helped me get my shoes on, he stuck his head in the toy basket looking at the purple squeaky Kong, and we played with it and his rope toy for a while.

I then put in the 3 mile Walk at Home Bootcamp DVD. I had to shoo the dog out of the spot where he was lying right in front of the TV. He went over to a spot where he generally sleeps, by the A/C vent, and laid down. He kept looking at me funny, and then barked at me, as if to ask what the heck I was doing. Whuuut?  He then stood up and walked over to me, barking.  I had started walking by this time, and Belvedere took his big paw and stomped on my foot. I tried to get him out of the back door, but he refused to go. After lying down again, he wandered to another door and wanted out.

After my workout, I fed Belvedere and heated some leftover chicken and butternut squash and  couscous. He ate his dog food and plain yogurt, then sniffed and sniffed at my food, so I gave him a little more dog food. I sat down and ate my supper while watching NCIS reruns. Belvedere lay at my feet. He raised his head suddenly, looked at me and said, "AAAARRRRROuuuuggggh." Of course, I can't ever spell what he says exactly. I did not share the couscous, which was all that was left. I did, however, share my gingerbread man with him.

I have almost finished my second One Koigu mitt, and got more yarn and stuff in the mail. Photos when it is not so dark and rainy. I do have a photo of my gingerbread skeletons in the camera.


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