More Assorted Stuff

I have a problem with titles, yeah. I finished my One Koigu Mitts (pdf) out of p612. They look autumnal to me. The pattern was fast and easy, and the palm gussets were neat. Don't worry, I did start on the second knee sock. I had to use the circ needle that had been in use for the mitts for the sock.

Speaking of autumn, I made gingerbread skeletons. The icing did not come out of the tube smoothly, so they were not as pretty as the photos with the recipes I saw.

I came across this sock yarn while looking for a knitting pattern, and it was an impulse buy. This is My True Blood colorway from Wayward Yarn.

I got this cute fabric for knitting bags.


And I got this cute blocker and pattern for a mini mitten blocker keychain from Knitcellaneous.

I also got some worsted yarn to try out making mittens with a pocket on the palm for a handwarmer to warm my fingertips. This is Felicity from Spindle City Yarns.





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