What, More Yarn? With Gratuitous Puppy Photos

Yes, and it's all sock yarn. I had to run out while the light was still, well, light enough. It gets dark so early now that I don't have time for outdoor blog photos during the week. I fell in love with this Marathon Socks North Pole yarn and got three colorways. This is Merry Merry (the label says Mery Mery) the red is Candy Cane and the last is Golden Holiday. They all have gold metallic thread.



Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in It's a Wrap from a Ravelry destash I heard about on Plurk.

Beyond Basic Knits Girlz Gotta Have Chocolate Prima Sock yarn.

Belvedere followed me around the yard, as I followed the light. When I got done with yarn photos, I went to see what Belv was sniffing at, and I heard his claws hit something metal. DH's antique cast iron skillet shaped ashtray disappeared a few months ago, and Belvedere had found it. We also think he carried it into the yard in the first place.


I think he found the ashtray when trying to pick up the stick next to it.

Anyone need any St. Bernard fiber? This is what comes from DH "Furminating"



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