Through The Woods

I discovered this pattern while perusing Plurk, which led me to Ravelry. I later found it in the Knit Picks catalog, but anyway… I happened to have Cascade Eco+ in my stash, so I cast on for Through The Woods on Thursday or Friday.  I can't work for long periods of time on bulky yarn and 10.5 needles.  What sock? What neckwarmer? Ahem. Here is a photo from Etsy, but the pattern is available on Knit Picks and Ravelry. Mine is hot pink, even though it looks kinda red in my photos. I am now on the ribbing on the front of the hood.





Yesterday, I finally got the new pump for my Aerogarden. A little piece of plastic that holds the pump connector in place broke off, so it was hard to attach the screw. Today I ordered a new container base for the thing, and liquid nutrients. The nutrient  tablets never seemed to quite dissolve, and I always found grainy stuff in the bottom of the bowl. I also found nutrient residue inside the old pump when I took it apart.

Also in the mail yesterday was bacon pecan brittle from Sweet & Salty Kitchen. (this is a neat article, and the package included a note from John, the owner.) I also found out about that on Plurk. You can get it on Etsy. It did not last very long, and it really made Belvedere's nose twitch. He got a tiny bit of bacon, which the candy had a lot of. Speaking of Belvedere, he was whining and barking at me when I was transferring photos to the laptop. He has given up and passed out. I need to see if he wants dinner or what. He also picked up his leash, but he is not going anywhere until Sunday, when Santa is at PetSmart.



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