Let it Snow

We have snow on the ground, and more is expected. I think this is my first white Christmas.
Belvedere's too.

I finally remembered to get the photos from the other day off the camera. I made gingerbread cookies and attempted to make a gingerbread house, but most of the pieces broke, so I decorated them too.

Here are the pretty ones.

Here are the broken ones.

I also got a giant gingerbread man pan. Here is a big cookie.

Here is the decorating area.

I finally finished the ornament I started in early November. I never could knit around the glass ball, so I gave up and stuffed the ball with fiberfill.

I got some yarn to make a three button wrap. I stuck it on the mantle to get it away from Belvedere, and forgot about it. Here is the Plymouth Royal Llama Silk with snow.

A few minutes ago, Belvedere went on the front porch with me to look at the snow. The wind kicked up, and he wanted in. He stood in front of the door, refusing to go in, then put out a paw to make sure the glass door was open. (I was holding it open for him.) He gave me a look as if to say, I meant to do that.



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