Biscuits for Belvedere

I have been meaning to try this  gingerbread dog biscuit recipe, but the dogs have been getting bits of regular gingerbread cookies instead. I decided to make them as a treat for Belvedere when he comes home from the veterinary hospital tomorrow after his "tutoring." A few have already disappeared. We want to know how many staff members it is going to take to give him a bath. He had already intimidated one vet tech (WOOF!) before he met one that owns mastiffs.  We miss having Belvedere around tonight, so we had to have Punkin inside.Dogcookies2


In knitting news, work is continuing on Abigail. I am a couple inches away from the ribbing on the bottom. Patons Classic Wool in plum heather.

5 thoughts on “Biscuits for Belvedere

  1. The plum heather you chose is beautiful! Your hood from your last post is really cute and I bet you’ll be using it this weekend. We’re supposed to get some snow here.

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