Let it Snow, Again


We are snowed in. JSU is closed Monday and Tuesday. I put on some layers and my handknit hood and mittens and walked around. It crunches a little. When I let Belvedere out at 3 am, sleet or icy rain or something was falling on top of the snow.


It is still good to eat with the crunchy crust, apparently.


Ursula followed me around

Wonder what Punkin is saying to Ursula?

Susie followed Ursula and Punkin

The garden is waiting for spring

My walking path is kinda covered

She did the Punkin Doodle Dance in the snow

Punkin scampered down the driveway, too. Now she is asleep at my feet. Punkin woke up when there was a little of puppies on TV, and cocked her head at the sound, and looked around for the puppies. Belvedere lumbered into the room when he heard the puppies.

Magnolia tree always looks pretty

apple trees

Bathroom renovation has begun, and the toilet is in the yard.

Some photos that were also in the camera

Belvedere has not slept on his bed in months. He took to it again more often after he came home from surgery.

Here is the scraper beater for my KitchenAid that I got for Christmas

4 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Again

  1. Lovely pictures of the snow. Up here on Sand Mountain it’s at least 6 – 9 inches deep with more, much more, in drifts. The snow is deeper than the legs of my neighbor’s Basset hound are long. (does that make sense?) My dogs didn’t really enjoy playing in the snow. The lab is asleep in her chair and the schnauzer is on the sofa next to me. I should be knitting but am spending too much time on computer.

  2. I hate to admit this but we have a toilet in our yard, too. (Well, it’s under the deck.)
    I’m going to look into that scraper beater. Does it work well?

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