Bathroom Renovation

The old bathroom was stripped down to the studs, as DH keeps saying. We will have a separate tub and shower stall instead of the combo we had. The 50 year old Kohler turquoise sink, tub and toilet are gone, to be replaced with new Kohler fixtures in biscuit.

Where the Kohler Bancroft whirlpool bathtub will go, where the old tub was.


The new tub

The shower stall took the place of a closet and part of  the end of the room

Shower seat to be

There will be a linen cabinet matching the vanity next to the shower

Lots of stuff, mostly from Lowe's. Stacks of tile, toilet in foreground, etc.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation

  1. Tile. /shudder/ After helping my parents tile their kitchen and both bathrooms, I swore I would never lay another piece of tile so long as I live. lol It sure does look pretty when it’s done, though!

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