Yet More Bathroom Photos, with Tile

The last post was progress over  2-3 days. These photos are from today.

This is the trim that I picked out. Would never have thought of this with the brown, tan and cream colors, but Lowe's had it displayed together and I fell in love with it. The long glass pieces look like water to me.

Yet another look at the tub

The blue stuff is where the Kohler storage locker goes to hold shampoo, etc.  The shower will have a Kohler Waterhaven shower tower. It has several shower heads and they slide to adjust the height. They are discontinued, and we reportedly got the last one in the US. Note tile and  trim on the shower seat.


And, just because it was on the camera, the languishing neckwarmer with mitered squares. All three of the Christmas cactus plants in my office have many buds for Valentine's Day again.



5 thoughts on “Yet More Bathroom Photos, with Tile

  1. I bought some similar green glass trim from Lowes a while back. It looks like sea glass to me. Really like it with your tile.
    Are you putting in the tile yourself?

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