A Few Little Things

The new light is up over the new bathroom vanity. It's high up because it goes over the top of the original mirror which is going back on the wall. DH and I both claim credit for picking out the light fixture with the porcelain tips to match the Bancroft faucet. I wish I had taken before photos. Imagine 50 year old rectangular metal floral looking fixtures and turquoise Kohler sinks, toilet and bathtub.


Delta (gasp) tub faucet (bought probably in protest against price of Kohler Bancroft fixtures.)  We couldn't find a tub faucet w/o the shower parts.

Kohler Shower Locker.  Look, the shelves actually serendipitously (is that a word and is it spelled right?) match the glass in the tile trim.

In other news, I participated in a tea swap with other Plurk-people. Two I actually know in real life, even! Here are my goodies from April:
Really pretty floral mug, and tea, tea, tea!
Adagio chocolate and apple chais and ginger peach tea
Mighty Leaf, in types I actually don't have: Organic Earl Grey (DH's fave, so he can share those), Organic Darjeeling Estate and Organic Breakfast, as well as Bombay Chai. Which should I try first?

We have a daffodil bud.


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