Spring Break on Jekyll Island, with Knitting

We went to Jekyll Island, GA,  for Spring break. I had read about the ongoing revitalization project in the Florida Times-Union online. (I grew up reading the "Florida paper" in South GA and subscribe to the RSS feed.) Anyway, we did not know the Jekyll convention center and the shopping center were gone. We knew the Buccaneer, the hotel my family stayed in for decades, was torn down. So was the Ramada. We stayed in the Days Inn, the first hotel past the construction site. You had to go kinda through the middle of the island to get to things on the other side of the construction, such as the temporary location of the shopping center in trailers.  There is a new Dairy Queen and gas station on the causeway.

We planned to go to Savannah for a day trip, but I did not feel motivated to get up and make the 80-some mile  drive. We did not stay in Savannah because the hotel prices were high for St. Patrick's Day. DH said it was much quieter in Jekyll anyway, surrounded by the snowbirds. We always look for boat-tailed grackles, too, speaking of birds. Also sandpipers and seagulls.



We drove the length of the South Georgia Parkway, discussing the changes we could see in Albany Tifton, Waycross, etc. in five years or so. On Sunday,  we went to the Jekyll Island Art  Festival. We wandered around Goodyear Cottage looking at pottery, paintings, photography. One print I  got was of a bird reflected on the beach. I also got a set of notecards and a print of the marsh and palm trees (that I want to put in the new bathroom) by the same artist

We also went to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. I went through all the stations to get my form stamped and be a sea turtle for a day. We got to see several patients in their tanks. I also got a bracelet, a mug, a magnet, and stickers. All this shopping to help the sea turtles, right?

After that, we went to Brunswick and went to Books-A-Million and T. J. Maxx, where we went the week the stores opened, over 10 years ago. Wow! We ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, where they gave us enough fries for four people, I think. Then we went to Jekyll and walked on the beach. I am missing the seabreeze now when I go outside, and grackle screeches.

The next day we went to St. Simons Island, where the entrance was different, there were more traffic lights on Demere, and there was no traffic light where I told DH to turn left on Frederica Road. There is a new confusing roundabout, (pdf) instead. We went to the Stitchery, which was in a different location. We ate at Barbara Jean's, another place I have been going for years. After lunch we searched for Stepping Stones Quilts, which I knew was at the airport. It had not moved, but we drove around a lot. After we got home, I discovered the address was on my cell phone.

We had to walk through Neptune Park, which is where the public restrooms are, and down to the  St. Simons Lighthouse.  The pier was closed for repairs.

View of Jekyll from St. Simons. The tide was high, so there was no beach to walk on at SSI.

Then we went back to Jekyll and walked on the beach.  DH says he enjoyed walking for five miles and seeing two people, not crowds like Savannah or Destin. The weather was phenomenal, according to the TV  weather person in Jacksonville or Savannah. (Except for the last morning, when it was cloudy when DH planned to take photos of the sunrise, at 7:30.) Gee, WTOC has some of the same anchors and weatherman they had when I was at Georgia Southern long ago in the 80s.

I went back to St. Simons on Tuesday, and got a pedicure, then went to Brunswick to check Lowe's for paint, which I couldn't figure out, and ended up getting today at the Anniston store. I also had to go to the Publix supermarket store. I miss Publix, especially the bakery. I was hoping for Key Lime tarts, but had to settle for mini eclairs. DH drove everywhere, except for Tuesday, when I went to SSI and Brunswick.

Koala Bear-y, OPI


Palms on Jekyll

The Marshes of Glynn, and the Sidney Lanier bridge, from the observation deck at the Jekyll Island welcome center. I was more than six miles away from the bridge, on the Jekyll causeway.

I finished my second Ragtop Mitt, mainly while waiting for Farm Town on the Acer netbook. We had free, slow wi-fi in the hotel room. I didn't have the patience to blog. One mitt has the cuffs folded down, in convertible mode. Malabrigo Rios in Cumparsita, Ragtop pattern. After a failed attempt at a charted leaf toe-up sock pattern, I started the Roses for You socks, with the twin leaf lace pattern. I finished the toe before leaving on vacation. This is Sophie's Toes yarn in Autumn Leaves, I think. I did a couple of tiers on my entrelac throw, too.

Second Ragtop mitt

Finished mitt photos by DH


I got some more Malabrigo Rios at the Stitchery of St. Simons. ZarzamoraRios

I also got Pagewood Farms Denali sock yarn in Woodsey.

I was in a purple mood, apparently. I got this Kroy FX sock yarn at Michael's.

Also, Belvedere says Happy St. Patrick's Day! I say I had to hold on to him, or he would knock off the headband and stomp on it, especially when I tried it on Punkin.



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