A Few Things

I have been knitting on a Santa Christmas stocking for someone who ordered it.  (Why I am working on it in March) I am done with the chart, and now just have the heel, toe and foot to go. This is a Mary Maxim pattern, in Mary Maxim Starlette acrylic yarn. I have all of DH's grandmother's patterns, plus newer ones that I have collected. The colors in the second one is more like it. I did mess with the color balance, to not much avail.



Belvedere was two years old on Tuesday. He finally got the birthday cake I promised to make on Thursday. All the dogs seemed to like it, but it did have 1/4 inch of cream cheese on top. It was too dense to get candles in, and the dogs enjoyed chewing on it.


Belvedere  had a great evening on Thursday. He chased horses, ran through a mudhole, waded in the pond and drank water, wandered in the woods and found another mudhole, then came in the house and drank out of the toilet. Then cake a couple hours later after he cooled off.

I worked a little bit on the Twin Leaf sock, because I had a question about the stocking and had to put it down for a day. It doesn't look too much different.



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