More Stuff

Yes, I work hard on blog titles.  NOT. I have a lot of assorted things here.

First, garden stuff. I have trouble growing chives, so I think I put an entire pack of seeds out. They are sprouting now. Speaking of sprouting, I have one potato showing.

The sugar snap peas are doing well

I got a garden starter set for the Aerogarden-I have started Genovese and Siam Queen basil, more chives, dill and parsley seeds.

Actual knitting has taken place. Mrs. Santa stocking in Mary Maxim Starlette yarn, MM pattern. Yes, my duplicate stitch is so bad, I charted the name. My sock had a setback and is waiting for me to finish Xmas stockings. It is a little further along, after knitting til 2 am.

Belvedere says "Whut?"

In a more active moment, he goes after DH's Crocs. He had a shoe as a play toy when he was a puppy. It is full of tiny needle like toothmarks.

One thought on “More Stuff

  1. Sometimes I find the title harder than the post itself ;o)
    Neat idea with the snow peas – I hadn’t thought of putting them in a planter box. May try that so we can eat some instead of the local proliferation of bunnies!

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