Sewing Stuff

I have not been knitting, as I was reading a book that I was reviewing. Now I am done with that, but I still didn't feel like knitting.  So I sewed, which is something that I have to do when I am in the mood for it. We should look at my fabric stash some day.

First, I made a phone case from pink cupcake fabric, after falling in love with one on Etsy, and getting a similar pattern from Etsy. I think the fabric came from Etsy, as well. Lined with hot pink felt. My pattern was for an iPhone, and I enlarged it, but it still came out a little short. My co-worker with a Blackberry now has a new case! At least it has a good home.


Phone case

So yesterday, I decided to make another phone case. It is a little wide, but oh well. I also got tired of cupcakes after struggling with the first case.
This fabric is a souvenir from the quilt shop in St. Simons Island, GA, Stepping Stones. It is also lined with hot pink felt.

Today, I decided to sew a box bag that I had cut out a year ago. I have to be in the mood, remember? It was cut out, interfaced and the handle was sewed up and ready to go. It is a little wonky, but it is just for me.


Inside. OK does anyone else remember the song about the  monkeys jumping on the bed and suffering the consequences?


I have two seashell fabrics from St. Simons that want to be a box bag too. One day I will figure out the directions for how to get rid of the raw seams. I wasn't up to that. Was not up to serger today either, so I zigzagged them.

Maybe I will finish the foot of the second Christmas stocking. I have second stocking syndrome, LOL.


One thought on “Sewing Stuff

  1. Cute bags – I like the cupcake fabric!
    Think I’m going to be forced to do some sewing here – both of the covers for Toby’s fave dog bed need repairs :o(

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