Knitting and Gardening

Mostly gardening. I had to finish a book review for a journal, and so did not knit very much for a while. I did finish the second Christmas stocking that I was working on, except for grafting the toe. I need to sew both up and weave in the ends, not in that order, perhaps. They are made from Mary Maxim Starlette yarn too. Santa and Mrs. Claus.


The sugar snap peas are finally blooming, now that they are taller than me. I saw a tiny baby peapod.

The basil that I had in a glass of water until it rooted is now planted in an herb bag from Gardener's Supply. I also have a lot of new basil sprouts for the garden as well.


Red Norland potatoes in Gardener's Supply potato bag.

I had to have a tooth pulled on Friday, as it was cracked above the gumline. It was an old root canal with a post and the crown got loose last spring, the dentist repaired the post and then last week it was loose again. In 4 to 6 months I will get a bridge or an implant.

While I was under the influence of pain meds, I decided to try to get Belvedere to pose with bunny ears for Easter. 

"Nope, not wearing those pink bunny ears. Gimme a treat anyway."

Then I tried to get Ursula to pose. I used half a bag of treats on three dogs while trying to get these photos. She is doing well, after something scared her and stressed her out big time on Wednesday. DH got the crate out to take her to the vet the other day, when she took off full speed chasing and barking at horses. ??

"Mooooom, I'm so ashamed."

"Can't believe you fell for that."


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