Knitting and Storm

Wednesday night I did take my Xmas stocking in the basement with flashlight and Belvedere and Junior the chow/lab mix. I knitted by lantern light while they tried to crawl under my legs. As soon as the big storm passed Belvedere relaxed and slept through the next round of thunder and lightning. He was nervous all day Wednesday and stuck to DH or me. A storm came through around 6 in the morning and we lost power. JSU delayed opening until 10 am, then closed at noon. We had sunshine and blue skies for hours, then the big storm hit, after it traveled from Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. We lost power again at 7 pm or so. The power cooperative says it could be 7-10 days for the county, as the TVA lines were all knocked down. t seems as if it happened a long time ago. The TV antenna bent double, but the satellite dish was fine. a lot of trees and limbs are down. We have water, and our house and lives and animals. A cold shower is nothing compared to what people lost a few miles away.

DH's sister brought a generator from Atlanta, and 10 gallons of gas. We run the deep freeze and refrigerator and a lamp, box fan and TV. Even crockpot last night.

The neat part is the control and key start indoors

DH has been picking up limbs and debris with the help of his cleanup buddies.

Look at the sky the day after.

We feel very lucky to only have bent antenna and downed trees.



I have knit on third Xmas stocking. I had an LED knitting light that goes around my neck. I turned the heel last night






7 thoughts on “Knitting and Storm

  1. Nice to hear you’re all OK. I can’t believe the size of some of the tornadoes I’ve seen on the news! Crazy…. we’re still waiting for warmer weather up here in WI.
    Only the die-hard knitters knit with LED lights – very clever of you 🙂

  2. So glad that y’all escaped with little damage. It’s so hard to watch the videos they keep showing on the news. It literally looks like entire towns have been put in a giant blender.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad that you were not hurt and your home and property did not receive any major damage.

  4. I am so glad you guys made it through ok. Its so hard to grasp all the devestation that has happened around our ears. We are so blessed.

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