Bathtime for Belvedere and a Sock

No, the sock did not get a bath yet. Belvedere had to have a bath today.  He carried off DH's little battery chainsaw one night, then he carried off the oil for it, and made a tooth hole in the container, causing it to leak out slowly. There were large oily pawprints on the pavement by the back door. Then he lay down in dirt. Yuck, his fur felt nasty. Today he got a bath, which involves DH and me wrestling with a 175 dog who does not want a bath. (We still wonder how many people it took to wash him at the veterinary hospital) I spent a lot of time scratching Belv at the base of his tail-that area is really clean. I see why Saints are good at weight pulling. DH is about twice Belv's weight, and he pulled him down. Someone scratched my hand up, too. Belvedere loved the toweling off part, after he ran away from the rinsing part.

He's still not sure I am not going to wash him again.


We washed his forelegs with Dawn to get all the oil off.

In knitting news, I also went back to working on my Twin Leaves "Roses for You" sock (pdf file) in Sophie's Toes yarn. Think it is Falling Leaves colorway. I just have the ribbing at the top to go.






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