Plants and Sockies

I am still working on the second Twin Leaves sock in Autumn Leaves Sophie's Toes yarn. I just started gusset increases.

I got new yarn in the mail. This is The Plucky Knitter DK in Tippi Blue, 80/20 merino/cashmere.


While I was outside, I took a few photos of some plants.

Edamame-they are going in the container where the snow peas now are. They don't seem to make it in the garden.

Brandy Boy tomatoes-Brandywine and Better Boy hybrid. Grown from seed.

San Marzano-plant purchased from the Tasteful Garden

Genovese and Siam Queen basil. The Thai basil is starting to get a slight purple tint. Its flower buds are purple.

I don't think the snow peas are going to last much longer. They have been growing since February, and it is getting too hot for them. Belv likes to snack on them, and was eyeing the vine the other day.

I made chocolate Cheerios marsmallow treats with chocolate marshmallows. I was in Wal-Mart and kept smelling those chocolate marshmallows two aisles away. THEN I had to pick up graham crackers and Hershey bars displayed right there. They do taste better than they look.

I was outside watering plants and came around the house to find Belvedere was in DH's truck bed.  This involves him putting his front feet on the open tailgate, and waiting for DH to lift the Belv's back end. DH picked up Ursula to put her up there. Belv flew across the truck bed, growling, and barked in her ear. She cowered and left. This is MY truck, Belv says, and nobody else can get in there..

3 thoughts on “Plants and Sockies

  1. Gorgeous yarns! Your plants are SO far ahead of ours, and we’re still waiting to be able to work the garden. Where’s the photo of Belv in the truck

  2. Your tomato plants look good. I got some Better Boy hybrid plants this year. They seem to be doing better than the heirlooms I got last year.

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