In Which We Go for a R-i-d-e

DH made the mistake of asking Belvedere if he wanted to go car-car. So he was excited for a couple of days. Belv needed routine shots and was limping. I think it is from a broken toenail-but he wasn't letting the vet look at it after he stuck needles in his back. I have to get heavy duty nail clippers, as I could only trim a little bit of the nail.

Anyway, that morning Belv looked very disappointed when I went grocery shopping without him, so when DH went to clean out the back of the truck cab, he was determined to go in the truck. So we got to the vet early. Most of the way, Belv had the front part of his body and legs on the center console between us. He was a pretty good boy, even when a  brave Chihuahua yipped at him. Belv always attracts a lot of attention, and people want to know his weight (187) and how much he eats.


He knows where we are-but he likes going to the vet.

OK, I will get off the console. He lay down, with his nose between the console and the passenger seat.

Yes, I have been knitting, still on Zoe. The yarn, Cascade Cotton Club, is a little greener than this.

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